Authentic Response Announces Partnership with RelevantViewGlobal Panel Company Enhances Authentic Validation Data Security Process

NEW YORK (January 7, 2009) – Authentic Response, a leader in the market research industry with its best of breed solutions for global online sample, announced today a partnership with RelevantView to further enhance the company’s technology-based Authentic Validation data security and validation process.

RelevantView’s RelevantID™ technology, a widely adopted de-duping fingerprinting system, will add an additional layer of independent, 3rd party validity and support to Authentic Response’s Authentic Validation –a proprietary, multi-step data validation process covering the end-to-end continuum of security checks from panel registration to post security survey analysis. The addition of RelevantID ensures all Authentic Response clients will continue to receive the most secure, global samples of the highest quality.

“This partnership represents our ongoing thought leadership and commitment to data quality standards,” said Jeff Mattes, co-president of Authentic Response. “We were early leaders in this arena back in 2006 when we released Authentic Validation and our proprietary digital fingerprinting technology and strongly feel it is our responsibility to do what’s necessary to provide our clients the most accurate, reliable data in the industry.”

Highlighting the company’s dedication to its clients, Authentic Validation will continue to be a free service. “Data quality is of upmost importance and certainly something our clients shouldn’t have to pay extra for,” said Mr. Mattes. “Rather, this is an investment to further support our clients and the ever-changing online research community.”

“We carefully reviewed RelevantID and several other third party alternatives. Not only was RelevantID the most effective in identifying duplicates and the best complement to our existing security solution, it was also the most accommodating, flexible, and customizable platform on the market,” said Paul Hudson, vice president of technology. “The choice was obvious.”

With RelevantID, Authentic Validation addresses the issue of fraudulence and duplication by capturing and analyzing dozens of data points on every panelist. Additionally, proprietary digital fingerprinting, geo IP checks, address matching, data checks, proxy detection, challenge response tests, and several other techniques are used to ensure all data sets only include responses that have been identified as authentic. Personal identifiable information is not collected and all data is fully encrypted to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.

With RelevantID, if Authentic Validation recognizes any signs of duplication or fraudulence the panelist is flagged and consequentially removed from the panel and blocked from accessing all client surveys. This process abides by the standards of conduct issued by the major research organizations including ESOMAR, CASRO, and the Market Research Association.

“We are 100% committed to providing the most accurate, secure global samples of the highest quality. As there is no silver bullet when it comes to data security, this is an area of ongoing commitment to help our clients achieve their research goals,” concluded Mr. Mattes.

About Authentic Response
Since 1998, Authentic Response has led the market research industry with best of breed solutions for global online sample, including its Authentic Recruitment panelist recruitment technique, its patented Double Opt-in permission standards, and its Authentic Validation techniques to ensure the most legitimate, secure survey responses. With industry-leading reach to consumers, IT professionals, business decision makers, and numerous other segments it’s no wonder that over 200 market research firms look to Authentic Response for their global online sample needs. For more information please visit

About RelevantView
RelevantView is a leading provider of Web-based market research solutions, serving market research firms, advertising agencies, Web site design firms, usability professionals, and Web site owners around the world. RelevantID is a sophisticated, next-generation approach to assuring and certifying the data collected by organizations is high-quality, reliable, and free of suspect respondents. For more information please visit

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