Carbonview Research Announces Partnership with RelevantViewSolutions Based Market Research Agency adds to Their Respondent Quality Process

Jupiter, FL (July 1, 2009) – Carbonview Research, an MVL Group company and a leader in the market research industry with its unique solutions-based approach for global online research, announced today a partnership with RelevantView to further enhance the company’s real-time respondent quality technology and validation process.

RelevantView’s RelevantID® technology, a industry leading de-duping fingerprinting system, works by gathering over 70 publicly available non-intrusive data points about a participant’s computer such as IP address, Screen Resolution, Browser versions and more. No data that might personally identify respondents is collected. The collected data points are then encrypted to ensure the participant’s privacy and saved as a single ID on secure servers. No information on the survey participant’s PC is changed.

“We were impressed with the adaptable design of the RelevantID technology coupled with a willingness to work with Carbonview on all aspects of the partnership. Our ability to add to our leading edge services while providing our MVL Group “sister” company partners the same platform represented a truly unique opportunity for Carbonview, our partners and clients.” said Rich Ratcliff, Executive Vice President of Carbonview.

When a person logs in to take a survey, an ID code (generated in real time) is screened against the IDs on file and those being concurrently created. In the instances where duplicates exist, the participants are flagged allowing the survey instrument to decide how to react by screening out the respondent from the possibility of completing the survey. This process is fully compliant with the standards of conduct issued by major marketing research associations.

Target Research Group will be the first of the MVL Group companies to take advantage of Carbonview and RelevantView’s partnership. “RelevantID is another step forward in Target Research Group’s efforts to provide its clients with the best possible sample for our Internet studies” said Steve Cook, President/CEO of Target Research Group. “It dovetails very nicely with Target’s InternetRx, a post-interview respondent ‘scrubbing’ technique, introduced last year.”

“I have increasingly been encouraged over the last 18 months by the advancements and general willingness to work together as an industry to evolve in a positive way regarding respondent quality. While we will continue to evolve and seek out ‘the better way’, technologies such as RelevantID confirm our never-ending need to provide a better quality research process.” concluded Mr. Ratcliff.

About Carbonview Research
Created in 2005 by The MVL Group as an online focused, solutions based market research service. Carbonview combines strong technology, experienced staff with solid research skills and creativity to support an adaptable online research design and approach that identifies and executes quality solutions at competitive prices. Carbonview’s technology and interactive expertise allows for a highly consultative approach to all aspects of the custom market research process. In just a few short years, Carbonview has gained the respect of over 200 clients worldwide. For more information please visit

About RelevantView
RelevantView is a leading provider of Web-based market research solutions, serving market research firms, advertising agencies, Web site design firms, usability professionals, and Web site owners around the world. RelevantID is a sophisticated, next-generation approach to assuring and certifying the data collected by organizations is high-quality, reliable, and free of suspect respondents. For more information please visit

About Target Research Group
Providing high quality marketing research design, execution,and analysis since 1986. Expertise in concept, product, advertising and package testing, tracking, as well as strategic research for food, personal care, other CPG companies, financial services, and publishing industries. Research conducted in US and internationally. Hands-on involvement of seasoned, senior management. For more information please visit

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