e-Rewards Announces Partnership with RelevantView

DALLAS, Texas, September 1, 2009 – e-Rewards, Inc., the nation’s largest online market research panel provider, today announced plans to utilize RelevantView’s digital fingerprinting technology, RelevantID®. The RelevantID respondent validation system will be the latest component of e-Rewards’ existing quality management system, Veracity360™.

e-Rewards’ Veracity360 system (patent pending) encompasses all aspects of a respondent’s engagement, including ID Validation, Duplicate Elimination, Profile Validation, and overall Survey Performance, which incorporates a systematic Client Feedback Loop. The RelevantID component will augment e-Rewards’ QMS by adding a de-duplication technology and geolocation verification capacity to all projects. Based on a respondent’s profile and RelevantID’s technology, e-Rewards will be able to validate the legitimacy of panel members.

“e-Rewards has always provided the highest level of data quality within the industry, and with the use of RelevantID, we will enhance our ability to deliver online respondents that meet our clients’ specific needs,” said Sean Eidson, Vice President of Panel Strategy at e-Rewards. “At a time when the topic of quality is forefront in the online research community, we found that RelevantView delivers the most effective third-party validation system available to the industry and felt that it could be an effective extension of our panel quality system in place today.”

RelevantID, the leading solution for de-duping and geo-location verification, will be fully integrated with e-Rewards’ QMS, Veracity360. When a respondent logs in to begin a survey, RelevantID technology will gather upwards of 60 data points from the respondent’s computer. Through the use of proprietary algorithms these data points will be analyzed resulting in a globally unique digital fingerprint. No personally identifiable data will be collected and no files on the respondent’s computer will be altered.

“One key to remember – there is not just one single foolproof measure to ensure panel quality – it’s the combination of techniques and systematic methodologies working together to authenticate each panel member’s engagement and achieve holistic panel quality,” said Steve Davis, COO of e-Rewards. “With the implementation of RelevantID technology, we are improving upon an existing panel quality methodology that is robust and holistic. e-Rewards will continue to set the bar high in quality through continual extensions and updates of its QMS, Veracity360.”

About RelevantView
RelevantView is a leading provider of Web-based market research solutions, serving market research firms, advertising agencies, Web site design firms, usability professionals, and Web site owners around the world. RelevantID is a sophisticated, next-generation approach to assuring and certifying the data collected by organizations is high-quality, reliable, and free of suspect respondents. For more information please visit www.relevantview.com.

About e-Rewards, Inc.
e-Rewards, Inc., based in Dallas, TX, is the largest ―by-invitation-only‖ online research panel provider, serving over 850 research firms. With millions of panelists, the e-Rewards® opinion panels provide research firms with quality respondents – enabling them to interact with real consumers and business decision-makers. Launched in 1999, e-Rewards was named in 2007 and 2008 by Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Recognized in 2008 by the Society of HR Management and the Great Place to Work® Institute as one of the 25 Best Medium Sized Companies to work for in America, e-Rewards has offices located in Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle. For more information, visit www.e-rewardsresearch.com.

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