Greenfield Online Partners with RelevantView™RelevantID™ Digital Fingerprinting Technology to Be Incorporated into Duplicate Respondent Detection™ Technology

Wilton, CT, June 26, 2008 – Greenfield Online, Inc., (Nasdaq: SRVY) today announced the use of third party technology to further help ensure the efficacy of our patent pending Duplicate Response Detection™ (DRD) technology. To underscore the importance Greenfield Online places on data quality, the company plans to absorb the costs for these new capabilities and is offering its DRD technology and RelevantID™ as a free service to its clients.

”We are committed to continuing to develop technologies that help improve the data quality we deliver to our clients,” stated Hugh Davis, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Greenfield Online. “We are pleased to partner with RelevantView to deliver the added benefits of another layer of independent, third party validation through the RelevantID service. As a leading data collection provider worldwide, we believe we have a responsibility to our clients to deliver the highest level of data quality and protection possible.”

Duplicate Response Detection™ technology was designed to help ensure the continued high quality flow of unique respondents across multiple respondent channels, as well as to address what has clearly become a major industry initiative focused on respondent quality. Greenfield Online’s DRD technology assigns all respondents with a unique, global ID that becomes resident on their PC. This ID stays with the respondent over time and groups all accounts for that respondent into a single respondent ID. Each time the respondent begins a survey; DRD checks his or her ID to determine prior participation. If this check indicates prior participation, that respondent is prevented from participating in that particular survey.

RelevantID is a service that leverages RelevantView’s proprietary, digital fingerprinting technology to gather a large number of data points from the respondent’s computer while using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assign a relative weight to each data point. Data points that personally identify users are not collected. We will assess every respondent using this process, ensuring that Greenfield Online delivers a set of unique completes to its clients for each survey project.

About Greenfield Online, Inc.
Greenfield Online, Inc. is a global interactive media and services company that collects consumer attitudes about products and services, enabling consumers to reach informed purchasing decisions about the products and services they want to buy; and helping companies better understand their customer in order to formulate effective product marketing strategies. Proprietary, innovative technology enables us to collect these opinions quickly and accurately, and to organize them into actionable form. For more information, visit Through our Ciao comparison shopping portals we gather unique and valuable user-generated content in the form of product and merchant reviews. Visitors to our Ciao portals use these reviews to help make purchasing decisions and we derive revenue from this Internet traffic via e- commerce, merchant referrals, click-throughs, and advertising sales. For more information or to become a member, visit Through our Greenfield Online and Ciao Surveys websites and affiliate networks, we collect, organize and sell consumer opinions in the form of survey responses to marketing research companies and companies worldwide. For more information, visit To take a survey, go to

About RelevantView
RelevantView is a leading technology provider of Web-based market research solutions, serving market research firms, advertising agencies, Website design firms, usability professionals and Website owners around the world. RelevantID incorporates proprietary technology for both digital fingerprinting and watermarking to identify unique respondents. More information about RelevantView, its product/services and clients can be found on the company’s website For information about RelevantID visit

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