Imperium Announces New Products to Serve the MR IndustryWebsite launch coincides with announcement of expanded Verity® offering and additional products

Westport, CT, USA, March 9, 2011 – Imperium, a leading technology development firm that specializes in data quality solutions for the market research industry, announces the launch of its new corporate website, The website launch coincides with the announcement of an expanded Verity® offering, Verity Append™, as well as, feature upgrades for several core product offerings.

“Imperium is uniquely focused on serving the needs of the market research industry. This focus enables us to specialize, as we continue to refine the products and services we provide, based on evolving client needs,” says Marshall Harrison, Imperium Founder and CEO. “Our corporate website is the best place to obtain current information about our core offerings, and it now reflects an expanded suite of products.” Most specifically, today the company announces the launch of an enhancement to its data validation product Verity.

Verity Append enables Verity clients to obtain up to twelve points of demographic data for validated individuals. This reported information includes; age, marital status, occupation, the presence of children in household, education, ethnicity, gender, household income, home market value, home ownership, length in residence, and political affiliation. Verity Append works hand in hand with Verity technology, which compares self-reported data against a series of databases to validate the accuracy of reported.

“Respondents time and attention is highly valuable. Why waste their time answering questions that we already have the answers to. Our clients can use Verity Append data to ensure a relevant respondent experience and ask truly valuable profiling questions,” says Harrison. In addition to having an impact on the market research industry, Verity Append is useful for marketers, and e-commerce websites.

To learn more about Verity Append or the Imperium products listed below, please visit

  • RelevantID® – RelevantID is digital fingerprinting technology that creates a sophisticated, nextgeneration approach to assuring and certifying data reliability. RelevantID is used by industryleading panel and MR companies, and processes more than 2 million hits daily. The latest RelevantID API is platform independent.
  • Verity® – Verity is an identity validation service that helps reduce fraud by confirming the accuracy of an individual’s self-reported data against well-known databases that specialize in consumer demographics. Verity is now available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.
  • ICE™ – ICE works hand in hand with RelevantID to identify respondents who have recently participated in the same survey category within a specified period of time, across participating companies.
  • Capture™ – Capture provides a comprehensive profile of website users, from browser settings to geographic location. Data can be used to optimize the user experience.
  • M2™ – M2 is a java-based, iron-clad approach to machine identification.
  • Address Correction™ – Address Correction helps ensure that the information obtained from website users or customers is accurate. This product is available in the United States and Canada.
  • RelevantView® – Imperium’s flagship product RelevantView is a server based proprietary technology that captures both behavior and opinion online.

To learn more about becoming an Imperium customer contact us at 203.221.1500. A full list of Imperium clients can be viewed by clicking here

About Imperium
Imperium is a leading technology development firm specializing in the design, development, implementation and support of database systems for business intelligence and integrated ebusiness solutions. Imperium provides innovative products and services in the areas of market research, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, marketing, advertising and web design.

Our brands include RelevantID® – the leading industry digital fingerprinting technology for fraud prevention, Verity™ – the data validation service that confirms the accuracy of a person’s name, address and other demographics, and RelevantView®- technology that captures user’s online experience on websites and web applications. Imperium is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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