reInvention Partners with Imperium for Data Quality Assurance

WESTPORT, CT, May 4th, 2012 – reInvention, a global sampling and data collection services provider to the market research industry, announced implementation of Imperium®’s digital fingerprinting technology, RelevantID®, and identity certification service, Verity®, to validate panelists and ensure that client surveys are free of fraudulent respondents.

“Respondent integrity is extremely important to us and taken very seriously,” said Hugh Davis, cofounder of reInvention. “Our sampling procedures, from the initial phases of project management all the way to project completion, certify that quality is top of mind in everything that we do and deliver. RelevantID and Verity play a significant role by adding an independent, third-party validation to our rigorous quality management processes, enabling us to provide high-quality and reliable data that our clients can trust,” he added.

RelevantID is proprietary technology that gathers a large number of data points from a person’s computer (without any personally identifiable information being collected) that are put through deterministic algorithms to create a unique digital fingerprint of each computer. This fingerprint helps identify an individual with a high risk of committing fraud.

Verity is an identity validation service that also helps reduce fraud by confirming the accuracy of an individual’s self-reported data against well known databases that specialize in consumer demographics.

Marshall Harrison, CEO and founder of Imperium, says, “RelevantID and Verity are considered the gold-standard in the market research industry and are the technology of choice among a wide range of industries to prevent online fraud and assure data quality. Our technology goes above and beyond traditional methods creating a sophisticated, next-generation approach to assuring and certifying data integrity.”

About reinvention LLC
reInvention LLC provides global sampling and data collection services to the market research industry. Driven by a passion for making it incredibly easy to survey audiences anywhere in the world, reInvention delivers high-quality responses and superior results. Clients are serviced by a team of smart, experienced, research and sampling practitioners who deeply care about business objectives, are always available, and get the job done perfectly. OneOpinion, reInvention’s respondent panel, is a next generation survey taking platform that encourages survey participation through sophisticated technology, honest communications, and respectful compensation.

reInvention was founded in July 2011 by Hugh Davis and Keith Price, two research industry pioneers. The company is headquartered in Westport, CT, with offices located around the world. More information can be found at

About Imperium
Imperium is an established leader in fraud prevention and identity validation solutions designed to help businesses achieve high-level data integrity and comply with industry regulations. For over 10 years, respected companies have been relying on Imperium’s comprehensive suite of technological services to accurately verify self-reported personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities. For more information visit

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