Survey Sampling International announces SSI Verify research respondent authentication system in partnership with RelevantView©RelevantID™ digital fingerprinting technology embraced as core component

SHELTON, Connecticut, October 14, 2008 – Survey Sampling International (SSI), the leading global provider of sampling solutions for survey research, announces SSI Verify, a technology-based system to enable higher quality standards in online survey research.

SSI Verify is comprised of a best-in-class digital fingerprinting capability from RelevantView called RelevantID and a set of proven quality processes that SSI has deployed for years. Together, these components provide researchers with the most advanced solution for ensuring the reliability of online sample.

SSI Verify addresses the issue of respondent authentication to avoid duplicates and misrepresentation in the online survey research process. When survey participants are coming from multiple sources, as is often the case, it is possible for some people to be invited more than once to the same survey. This can be either intentional or unintentional on the part of the respondent.

Research by SSI and other major firms has shown that this problem is minimal in most cases – less than 1%. Nevertheless, it is still a concern for many researchers. By incorporating the RelevantID digital fingerprinting capability as part of SSI Verify, researchers can be assured that they’ll benefit from best-inclass technology as part of their solution.

“After a multi-wave study to assess the performance and quality of a number of alternative offerings, SSI chose RelevantID. No other solution performed higher in identifying duplicate research participants,” noted Jackie Lorch, SSI’s vice president of global knowledge management.

“SSI carefully reviewed the RelevantID technology and other available alternatives. In addition to providing the most effective technology and research solution, we found that RelevantView was the most flexible and forthcoming during the evaluation process. They understood and met all our requirements and business needs” stated Peter Milla, SSI chief information officer.

The RelevantID digital fingerprinting capability of SSI Verify works by gathering approximately 60 data points about a participant’s computer such as IP address, Mac address, and more. Data that might personally identify respondents is not collected. These data points are then encrypted to ensure the participant’s privacy and saved as a single ID code on secure servers. No information on the survey participant’s PC is changed, and nothing is added.

When a person logs in to take a survey, their ID code (generated in real time) is screened against the millions on file and those being simultaneously created. In the few instances where duplicates exist, the participants are politely screened out from the possibility of completing the survey. This process is fully compliant with the standards of conduct issued by major marketing research associations.

SSI Verify includes other important aspects of respondent authentication. These can include geo-IP violation trapping, address matching in some countries, profile-specific queries that only a legitimate participant should know, and a brief series of short questions designed to catch straight-lining, hyperactivity, or other patterned responses. SSI has used many of these techniques for years to ensure the quality of the sample it delivers to more than 1,800 clients worldwide.

SSI Verify is part of SSI’s Optimal Sourcing 4.2 strategy, also formally announced today. This forward-thinking initiative addresses the needs of researchers to have an ample supply of research participants, now and in the future; to be assured of the highest standards in blending and validating those sources; and to rely on a single trusted provider across a diverse set of sources, countries and methodologies.

“Ensuring the quality, reliability, and uniqueness of the insights that we provide to our research clients is essential,” offered SSI CEO Jim Follett. ”We’re making this investment as an important part of our ongoing, evolving support for the online research community.”

About RelevantView
RelevantView is a leading provider of Web-based market research solutions. The company serves market research firms, advertising agencies, Web site design firms, usability professionals, and Web site owners around the world. RelevantID is a sophisticated, next-generation approach to assuring and certifying that the data collected by organizations is high-quality, reliable, and free of suspect respondents. RelevantID can be custom-configured to suit specific client needs.

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About Survey Sampling International
Survey Sampling International is the premier global provider of sampling solutions for survey research. SSI offers access to more than 6 million consumer and business-to-business research respondents in 54 countries via Internet, telephone, and mobile. Additional client services include custom profiling, survey programming and hosting, data processing, sampling consulting, and survey optimization.

SSI serves more than 1,800 clients, including nearly three-quarters of the top researchers worldwide. Founded in 1977, SSI has an international staff of more than 400 people representing 50 countries and 36 languages. The company is based in Shelton, CT with additional offices in London, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and La Quinta, CA. Additional SSI representatives are in Guangzhou and Kuala Lumpur.

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