Synapse Continues to Raise Game in Quality Assurance with addition of RelevantID

New York, July 30, 2012 – Two weeks after launching their new venture, Synapse Research announced their adoption of Imperium’s RelevantID®—a nextgeneration digital fingerprinting technology.

The decision to partner with Imperium was based upon Synapse’s stringent quality standards. “Synapse was founded to provide true global access at the highest validation levels in the industry,” said Adam Weinstein, co-CEO of Synapse. “We put RelevantID to work immediately, as it is one of the most advanced, secure safeguards to achieving this ideal.”

RelevantID filters independent data points through a proprietary algorithm, instantaneously creating a unique digital fingerprint for every member of Synapse’s rich, global panel. This third-party validation instantly elevates the new company’s security and purity to a level far beyond industry standard.

“Synapse is using one of online market research’s most advanced services to its fullest advantage,” said Marshall Harrison, CEO and founder of Imperium. “They wasted no time putting us to work for their clients, ensuring that they could deliver data free from fraud. It’s a mission we support and applaud.”

About Imperium
Imperium is an established leader in fraud prevention and identity validation solutions designed to help businesses achieve high-level data integrity and comply with industry regulations. For over 10 years, respected companies have been relying on Imperium’s comprehensive suite of technological services to accurately verify self-reported personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities. For more information visit

About Synapse
Synapse Research, Inc. was founded in 2012, and is an independent company that provides the most-high quality, uncharacteristically consistent global access in the industry. Synapse fields B2B, B2C, and international projects via its proprietary data collection process, Smart Sourcing™. This multi-sourced, intelligent process enhances delivery and representation through 36 forms of validation, for a 90%+ verified check on its members. To learn more about the company, visit

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