Address Correction™ FAQs

What is the benefit of using Address Correction?

Address Correction helps you protect against fraud, waste and excess mailing costs by cleaning your database of inaccurate and undeliverable addresses.

How is Address Correction deployed?

The Address Correction front-end is integrated with client’s existing front-end. The necessary code is minimal. There are no redirects.

How does Address Correction let clients know about inconsistencies or needed corrections?

Based on specific requirements, Address Correction can provide real-time suggested changes, or normalized data can be provided to clients on a regular basis.

Why would companies use Address Correction services?

Consumer information is highly valuable, and address information is critical for consumer interaction, mailings, and further validation.

Is any software installed or downloaded to the respondent’s computer?

No. There is no need to install anything.

Does Address Correction cover all countries?

Yes, Address Correction is available in all countries.

Is the data repurposed in any way?

No. We do not make any use of data collected other than to provide the services you’ve contracted.

Who owns the data that’s collected?

You do. You are the sole owner of the data.

How do I start using Address Correction?

Please contact Imperium to learn more.