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There is no technical silver bullet for bots and click farms, but one thing is true; There are patterns that exist in fraudsters’ behaviors. In its 15+ years Imperium has amassed a huge collection of those patterns. Data science and machine learning are tools designed specifically to identify and then model those patterns to programmatically stop them.

Fraudience’s models have shown indisputable patterns of behavior that are indicative of bad quality. Those models are used to create a real-time Blacklist of the IP addresses. The blacklist is updated daily as we see real-time patterns of bad behavior. In order of magnitude, Imperium regularly sees 1 Million IP addresses acting suspiciously, with a couple of hundred-thousand clearly identified as bad actors.

Simple to Use
Just an API call

Deployable at any stage of data collection
Recruitment | Starts | In Process

Monitors and Models behaviors
from 4 Billion transactions
Identify suspicious respondents

Blacklist of

Updated real-time
throughout the day


Mexico 5x
Puerto Rico 10x
Egypt 10x
Saudi Arabia 10x
China 5x
Taiwan 10x

Data quality is a constantly evolving threat to all businesses. The simple math is the longer bad data is in your systems, the more it costs your Business.

Cost of BAD insights | Cost of lost revenues | Cost to clean data

The goal then is to stop Bad data at the point of entry, so it never mingles with your valid data.

Most important is not only to be precise…but to align the cost of a solution to match the value and use case.  Imperium’s solutions operate a sub fractions of a penny to stop poor quality.

Fraudsters and bad actors are unfortunately very smart and technically savvy. There are many approaches, but there is not one silver bullet.  The best approach is a multi-faceted and layered approach.

Imperium has dedicated 15 years to insuring the quality of self-reported data.  Couple that domain knowledge with the power of machine learning, NLP, and context awareness….and you get the most advanced set of tools in the industry to save your reputation and money!

Imperium has built a suite of offerings to identify when data is suspicious based on characteristics of the digital interaction.

  • Is the device suspicious
  • Is the Behavior Suspicious
  • Is the person