Relevant ID® FAQs

How does RelevantID work?

RelevantID works through a combination of watermarking and digital fingerprinting. Digital fingerprinting is the process of collecting more than 60 data points about the respondent’s computer. These data points are then processed by our proprietary algorithm to produce a unique digital fingerprint.

What types of services are offered?

RelevantID offers services in the areas of digital fingerprinting, redirect detection & protection, geo-location verification and data validation.

Can I pick and choose the service(s) I want?

Yes. You can select which services you need, plus we will custom configure our technology to accommodate your needs.

How is RelevantID priced?

Fixed pricing is based on services chosen and projected volume.

How accurate is RelevantID compared to traditional cookies?

RelevantID is highly accurate and is not affected at all when the respondent removes their cookies. Relying on cookies produces unreliable results.

Is RelevantID dependent on the respondent not changing their IP address?

No. Altering the IP address will not affect RelevantID.

Are any redirects involved?

No. RelevantID does not use redirects at all. This reduces latency as compared to other methodologies.

Is any software installed or downloaded to the respondent’s computer?

No. RelevantID does not install or download software of any kind (ActiveX, etc.) onto the respondent’s computer.

How is RelevantID deployed

The RelevantID front-end is integrated with your existing front-end. The necessary code is minimal. There are no redirects.

When can RelevantID identify or stop undesirable respondents?

Undesirable respondents can be identified or stopped at the time of joining a Panel or when starting a survey. Alternatively they can be permitted to take the survey but flagged for cleaning out later.

Is there a single point of failure?

No. The front-end is deployed on your servers. In the extremely unlikely event of a back-end failure, RelevantID essential services are not interrupted.

With which operating systems does RelevantID work?

RelevantID works with all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems as well as most versions of Unix and Linux.

Does RelevantID work with all survey software?

Yes. RelevantID can work with all survey software.

Does RelevantID work in all countries?

Yes. RelevantID works in all countries.

How does RelevantID let me know about unwanted respondents?

The RelevantID web service responds in real time with a dupe score, Fraud Profile Score, domain information, etc. The client’s business rules will then determine how to route the respondent.

Will respondents be aware that RelevantID is being used?

No. RelevantID is transparent to the respondent.

What is the definition of an undesirable respondent?

There is no standardized industry definition. RelevantID will customize the business rules based on your requirements.

Can I integrate RelevantID data with my respondent ID?

Yes. If you send us your respondent ID, we’ll match it to the RelevantID and report back to you.

Does RelevantID work with multiple sample sources?

Yes. You can use RelevantID for your own sample or for sample you purchase from others.

Does RelevantID have an MR Panel or sell sample of its own?

No, RelevantID does not have a Panel. RelevantID is a service of Imperium, an independent technology company serving the marketing and marketing research industries.

Does RelevantID gather any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

No. RelevantID does not gather any personally identifiable information. It only gathers data points that are accessible through the respondent’s browser.

What type of data is collected?

60-80 data points are collected such as OS version, browser version, plug-in, display info, etc.

How granular is the data?

You can see the data on a per respondent basis if desired, as well as in summary.