Verity® FAQs

How is Verity deployed?

The Verity front-end is integrated with a client’s existing front-end. The necessary code is minimal. There are no redirects.

How does Verity let clients know about unwanted respondents?

The Verity service responds in real time with a V-Score and additional data. The client’s business rules will then determine how to route the individual.

What is a V-Score?

Records processed by Verity are given a score. This score indicates the degree of validation. A V-score of 6 would result from name, address and the Social Security number matching or name, address and successfully answering challenge questions. A score of 5 for successfully matching first name, last name and address; 4 for matching only last name and address; 3 for only first name or DOB and address. A V-score of 2 results from no match, but a legitimate address; a score of 1 indicates a nonexistent address.

Why would companies not want to exclude those that have a low V-Score?

Often scores can be low for a reason. College students move frequently, people change their names, etc. There are in some cases, legitimate reasons that an individual does not have a level 6 V-Score.

Is any software installed or downloaded to the respondent’s computer?

No. There is no need to install anything.

Does Verity cover all countries?

Yes, please contact us to discuss our global capabilities.

Is the data repurposed in any way?

No. We do not make any use of data collected other than to provide the services you’ve contracted.

How do I start using Verity?

Please contact Imperium to learn more.