Appended Demographic and Lifestyle Information

Gain additional insight into survey respondents or clients by expanding the number of validated data points provided with Verity Append.

Working hand-in-hand with Verity technology, Verity Append uses a variety of industry data sources to append validated respondent records with additional demographic and lifestyle information.

Verity Append Returns 26 Additional Data Variables to Respondent Records Including:

  • Age
  • Presence of Children
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Home Market Value
  • Home Owner /Renter
  • Length of Residence
  • Political Party Affiliation
  • Adults Age Ranges
  • Children Age Ranges
  • Business Owners
  • Working Women
  • Mail Order Buyers
  • Mail Order Responders
  • Mail Order Charity Donor
  • DMA – Mail Suppression
  • Vehicle 1: Make
  • Vehicle 1: Model
  • Vehicle 1: Year
  • Vehicle 2: Make
  • Vehicle 2: Model
  • Vehicle 2: Year

Verity Append can be accessed on a project-by-project basis, accessed in real-time to support online transactions, or it can be delivered via batch processing.