Challenge-based Authentication for the Highest Level of Fraud Prevention

When you need to be absolutely certain that a person is who he or she claims to be, we offer customized enhancements to our Verity service that provide some of the highest levels of identity validation available in the industry – perfect when you need to fulfill cash rewards, allow access to secure areas, or administer surveys that contain sensitive subject matters.

Verity Challenge is available to Verity customers for increased fraud protection. Verity Challenge is flexible and easy to use, providing real-time identity authentication in just seconds. Verity Challenge can be used individually or added on to the basic Verity service, or Verity SSN to achieve increasing levels of validation confidence.

As an alternative to requiring last 4SSN or credit card input from respondents, knowledge-based authentication methods offer the ability for companies to ask a respondent a number of “out-of-wallet” challenge/response questions to establish valid identification.

Because the knowledge needed to answer the questions generated is difficult for anyone other than that specific person to know, it provides a more secure method for fulfilling cash rewards or allowing access to surveys or other secure information. Challenge questions can include previous addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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Verity Challenge may not be appropriate for certain types of businesses and customers. We can work with you to determine which Verity services are the right fit for your specific business needs. Contact us to learn more.