Digital Fingerprinting Preventing Duplicates

The Industry Standard
for Digital Fingerprinting
and Data Quality >

Coppa Solutions and Compliance Age verification

Tool / MR Blacklist

Online Fraud Prevention Data validation
Real Answer®

The Only Quality
Measurement for
Open-end Responses >

Identity validation Age verification service

Powerful, Customizable
Identity Validation
Prevents Fraud >

Site visitor validation Web Visitors Validated
Address Correction™

Postal Address
Validation and
Normalization >

Coppa Solutions and Compliance Age verification

Comprehensive solution
for stopping Fraud
at point of entry

Coppa Solutions and Compliance Age verification
Real Mail TM

Real Time
or Bulk Email
Cleansing Solution

Coppa Solutions and Compliance Age verification

COPPA-Compliant Parental
Consent Verification >

Imperium. The Proven Leader in Data Quality and Anti-Fraud Solutions.

Imperium provides a comprehensive suite of technology services and customized solutions to verify personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities.

The world’s most respected market research and e-commerce businesses rely on Imperium’s superior technology and custom engineered solutions to validate their customers’ identities, verify data accuracy, automate review processes and uncover the intelligence that improves profitability.

Imperium provides unmatched customer support, is independently owned, and is solely focused on helping companies guarantee data integrity.