Fully automated process ensures accurate, high-value datasets and targets dupes, fraudsters, bots and survey farms

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Trusted data is at the heart of market research – your customers need to know you’re going the extra mile to deliver the best service available. Imperium Certification offers a recognized seal of approval that assures data quality.

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Data Quality: Can Programmatic Quality Checks Outperform Manual…

By Tim McCarthy, Imperium General Manager We launched our new automated tool, QualityScore, in 2021, to help streamline in-survey data quality checks, at the same time delivering…...

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Tackling Change: Putting Brands in the Driving Seat

By Tim McCarthy, Imperium General Manager Last quarter, COVID-19 was briefly knocked off the top of the news agenda, as climate change became the most talked-about topic…...

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Machine Learning: Advancing Market Research Goals

By Paul Sideleau, Imperium Senior Director, Technology Machine learning (ML) has transformed the application of technology in recent years, making complex tasks – like speech recognition, online…...

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