Verify respondent information from the get-go

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Key benefits

  • Provides a full-scale respondent check for new panel entries upon registration
  • Utilizes Imperium’s survey quality tools to perform a 360-degree check on registrants – before they’re added to your panel
  • Multi-functional tool weeds out fraudsters and dupes while verifying IP reputation
  • Analyzes input of appropriate info into open ends and verifies email addresses
  • Helps reduce bounce rates and prevents senders from being added to blocklists
  • Easily identifies registrants for processing or removal, and customizable to enable various checks to be weighted differently

How it works


Respondent enters registration page and completes information


Data is sent through multiple Imperium tools to perform 360-degree check on self-reported data


Imperium returns data points and outcome recommendation

Ensure your database
has high quality data

RegGuard® combines the best attributes of RelevantID®, RealAnswer® and other products to stop bad data at the point of entry where respondents are entering data on a webform.