Announcing General Release Of Market Research’s First IP Reputation Service

Imperium Adds Fraudience®Type a message to its Leading Solution Suite

Imperium, the leader in data-quality and anti-fraud solutions for market research and e-commerce industries, is excited to announce the release of Fraudience. Drawing on its 15 years of fraud detection domain experience, Imperium created this robust new solution by amassing billions of digital patterns created by fraudsters and incorporating the incredible power of machine learning, NLP and neural networks.

Imperium’s mission is to help customers combat the constantly evolving threat to their data quality with the ultimate goal of stopping bad data at the point of entry – before it mingles with a company’s valid data. Over the years, using data science and machine learning tools, Imperium has collected a huge number of the patterns that exist in fraudsters’ behaviors, and can now identify and model those patterns to programmatically stop them.

In fact, the Fraudience solution was developed by mining billions of transactions to define predictive digital pattern models left by fraudsters, and can potentially increase fraud prevention by as much as 100%.

“Fraudsters and bad actors are smart and technically savvy,” said Imperium CEO Charlie Allieri. “Fraudience is a major development in the war to stop those whose mission it is to wreak havoc on a company’s data.”

Fraudience’s models have shown indisputable patterns of behavior that are indicative of bad quality. Those models are used to create a real-time blacklist of the bad IP addresses and that blacklist is updated daily as the company sees real one-time patterns of bad behavior. To give context, in order of magnitude, of the one million IP addresses Imperium regularly sees acting suspiciously, the system clearly identifies two hundred thousand or more as bad actors.

“Remarkably effective on its own stopping nearly 2x the fraud, Fraudience is even more powerful as part of our multilayered fraud prevention strategy,” said Nathan Lynch, co-CEO of Full Circle Research Company. “When combined with RelevantID®Type a message and Real Answer®Type a message, Fraudience delivers an important key data element that triangulates and significantly increases our fraud detection precision.”

Adding Fraudience to the current Imperium suite represents the industry’s most complete and advanced set of data quality solutions. Solutions that ultimately protect the reputations of organizations while saving them money.

About Imperium

Imperium is synonymous with Relevant ID / Digital Fingerprinting and has been the standard for stopping fraud and data quality for over 10 years. Over the last few years, Imperium has invested substantially in Machine Learning, NLP, and neural networks to capitalize on its massive data store and domain knowledge to mine behaviors of fraudsters. Imperium has developed a suite of solutions that work real time to stop fraud at its inception with the highest level of precision. Last year, Imperium stopped over 1 Billion instances of fraud. How clean is your data? Do a health check at

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