Imperium Announces Pioneering Data Quality Certification Program

Gives stamp of approval to market research and panel organizations that pass muster

NEW YORK, Sep 21, 2020 – Imperium, one of the foremost providers of data-quality solutions, today announced the launch of a certification program designed to offer market research and panel organizations the opportunity to gain accreditation from one of the industry leaders in fraud prevention.

Imperium, which is best known in the market research industry for its data quality and anti-fraud tools, is introducing this new certification program to set a benchmark for the dedication to data quality. Believed to be the first of its kind in the sector, Imperium certification will be awarded to businesses that correctly and consistently deploy proven data-quality and anti-fraud services in addition to passing multiple quality and operational checks to validate best practice. Imperium will confirm what checks companies have in place, how often they are utilizing them, and what their settings are to determine whether they qualify.

Imperium certification is the next logical step for market research companies and panels looking to demonstrate a long-term commitment to delivering high-quality data to their customers. The certification process includes close analysis of anti-fraud tools to ensure the widest possible implementation across respondents and survey traffic. An annual review monitors continued compliance.

Cint and Dynata are two of the first companies to win Imperium’s Data Quality Certified seal.

“With digital fraud on the rise, it’s important that agencies are able to trust the mission-critical information they rely on to build close relationships with customers and to gain a competitive advantage in a fast-moving market,” said Tim McCarthy, General Manager, Imperium.

McCarthy adds: “Certification will enable commissioning brands to confirm that their supplier is doing everything possible to deliver the best and most accurate data, time after time. We only reward the highest levels of compliance because our professional reputation rests on the rigor of our anti-fraud and data-quality services. Companies that qualify for Imperium certification can be trusted for data quality.”

Imperium’s initiative is timely. According to Imperium’s own research, as many as 38 percent of survey respondents are duplicates, fraudsters or bots. In a recent Experian study, businesses surveyed admitted that 28 percent of their customer and prospect data was likely to be inaccurate, with only half of organizations polled considering the current state of their CRM or ERP data as ‘clean’. This, despite 98 percent of organizations believing that high-quality data was either ‘extremely important’ or ‘important’ in achieving their business objectives.

Imperium’s data integrity solutions deliver validated datasets via a series of invisible, fully automated processes, returning trusted, verified insights. More details can be found here.

About Imperium

Imperium provides a comprehensive suite of technology services and customized solutions to verify personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities. The world’s most respected market research and e-commerce businesses rely on Imperium’s superior technology and solutions to validate their customers’ identities, verify data accuracy, automate review processes and uncover the intelligence that improves profitability. Founded in 1990, Imperium pioneered digital technologies to validate identity, verify data accuracy, and automate review processes and is now a leader in online fraud detection and identity verification. The company’s flagship product RelevantID® is widely recognized as the market research sector’s de facto data-quality and anti-fraud tool. In recent years, Imperium has invested heavily in machine learning, NLP and neural networks, capitalizing on its domain knowledge to expertly map fraudsters’ behavior. Last year, Imperium prevented 1 billion instances of fraud at source.

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