Address Correction™ Address Correction™

Postal Address Validation and Normalization

Address Correction helps ensure the accuracy of self-reported information obtained from website users or customers. Using a proprietary database-driven technology, it cleans your database protecting your business against fraud, waste and excess mailing costs caused by an undeliverable address. Data can be corrected in real time and sent back to you with suggested corrections, or it can be provided to you in batch mode. Address Correction is CASS™ certified.

How It Works

Address Correction leverages the most up-to-date U.S. and Canadian Postal Service files to ensure that self-reported address data is correct. In cases where information is not accurate, it normalizes addresses to conform to USPS and Canadian postal standards and verifies accuracy. Address Correction is available in all countries.

Key Advantages

  • Corrects self-reported data to improve deliverability
  • Ensures mail and/or product deliveries arrive without fail
  • Does not burden your customers with frequent profile update requests
Address Correction™

Key Information Provided Includes:

  • Street address – validation of house and/or apartment number
  • Street spelling
  • Confirms street with town, state/province and zip/postal code
  • Town spelling
  • Confirms town with state/province and zip/postal code
  • Zip code +4 (U.S. only)