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Analyze Open-end Responses for Quality

Real Answer helps companies achieve a higher-degree of confidence in their data by ensuring the authenticity and quality of open-end survey responses.

Open-end survey responses provide unparalleled insight that companies rely on to add depth to their research. Real Answer uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate the quality of the open-end responses by comparing the lexicon used against several critical factors, including garbage words (nonsensical words, keystrokes, etc.), vulgar language, similar prior responses, pasted responses, and robot-generated text, as well as length of response. Real Answer scores are returned in real-time.

How It Helps

  • Real Answer scores inform decision-making. Real Answer scores, and factors that impact the score, are provided for each record.
  • Prevent undesirable respondents from registering, or completing surveys. Real Answer scores can be used to reroute, or terminate respondents dynamically, saving on incentive costs, and ensuring data quality.
  • Save time and money by automating the data cleaning process. Real Answer eliminates the time and expense involved in manually cleaning data files.
  • Avoid sharing poor quality or embarrassing data. Real Answer guarantees that you’ve removed poor quality data before sharing it with key stakeholders or clients.
  • Use a custom lexicon specific to your surveys. Real Answer provides a custom lexicon with medical terms, brand names or other specialized words.
  • Translate your responses. Real Answer can batch translate responses to the language of your choice.
  • Imperium’s customized approach. As with all Imperium products, Real Answer was designed to meet the data quality needs of our vast, global client base. Real Answer is a licensed solution, and can be used on an ad hoc basis or standard on every project. We’d like to discuss how our solutions can be customized for you. Contact us for more information.

Key Advantages

  • No interruption to the user experience or automated redirection of users
  • Cloud-based solution does not require dedicated hardware or infrastructure
  • Can be used as needed, on each question within a specific survey, or sporadically
  • Available in
  • Log reporting and download to Excel
  • Individual response translation
  • Batch translation available
  • Custom lexicon capability
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Real Answer®

How It Works


Real Answer evaluates open-end responses against several factors to determine the quality of the answer provided. A Real Answer score of 0 to 100 is then generated based on the quality of the response given. The numeric Real Answer Score is provided along with an indication of which factors contributed to the score, enabling clients to determine whether it is appropriate to accept the response, or eliminate it from the data set.

Factors Used

  • Garbage words: Real Answer will check and score for words not found in the dictionary. There is extensive localization for each of the languages.
  • Bad words and expressions: Real Answer will check and score for profanity, sexist, racist, and ethnically offensive terms.
  • Pasted responses: Real Answer will detect and score an answer that has been pasted from a respondent’s clipboard.
  • Similarity: Real Answer will detect and score an answer that is identical or substantially similar to previous answers.
  • Robot responses: Real Answer will detect and score answers that have been programmatically inserted.
  • Engagement: Real Answer will evaluate an answer with reference to the length of response as compared to other answers to the same question to ensure respondent engagement.