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The Industry Standard for Digital Fingerprinting and Data Quality

Assuring and certifying data quality is essential to market research. After all, you depend on this data to make critical business decisions. That’s why so many people of the world’s largest market research firms, panel companies and businesses trust RelevantID. RelevantID’s digital fingerprinting technology goes above and beyond traditional methods to create a sophisticated, next-generation approach for ensuring the highest quality data with the lowest risk of fraud.

Digital Fingerprinting and Watermarking

RelevantID is a proprietary technology that gathers a large number of data points from a respondent’s computer, such as operating system version, browser version, plug-in, etc., and assigns a relative weight to each data point. The data gathered is put through deterministic algorithms to create a unique digital fingerprint of each computer.

The digital fingerprint identifies duplicate respondents who take the same survey more than once from the same machine. RelevantID flags a computer each time a user tries to take a survey, so it is able to detect if multiple email accounts are being used to take surveys from a single computer. In addition, RelevantID has the unique ability to identify multiple panel accounts from different research firms on the same computer. Suspect respondents are flagged in the system and, based on business rules, are either allowed, redirected or completely filtered out of surveys in which they attempt to participate.

The process is invisible to the user, and does not interfere with the user experience. RelevantID is consistent with privacy and data protection laws.

Key Advantages

  • Works in real-time and with any existing tool or methodology
  • Flexible and no risk deployment
  • No redirection or single point of failure
  • Requires no additional infrastructure or systems to support, or complex code to integrate
  • Totally transparent to the individual
  • Does not collect or process any personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Can be custom configured to accommodate your specific needs

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How It Works

Fraud Profile Score™

In addition to digital fingerprinting, RelevantID profiles users to determine the probability that they may commit fraudulent activity. The Fraud Profile Score takes a variety of factors into consideration, including the existence of an open proxy server, machine time, and browser settings, to determine the likelihood of a fraudster.

For RelevantID customers who also subscribe to Verity, we can provide geo-correlation as an additional factor in the Fraud Profile Score. Geo-correlation confirms if the location of the computer being used by a respondent is within or in an adjacent state based upon the Verity validated address (this feature is available for U.S. addresses only).

Geolocation Verification

RelevantID also identifies the geographic location of the user by country, state/region, city, U.S. postal code, metro code, latitude, and longitude information, and verifies the IP address is originating from where the individual should be. Our non-invasive IP Intelligence provides you with valuable knowledge about your Internet visitors in real-time. This enables you to route users based on their location.

Complete Screen Out™ (CSO) Service

The CSO service is an optional service that makes it possible to identify respondent completes and screen outs within surveys and across categories. Without CSO, only dupe starts can be identified. CSO also has the capability to report the total number of completed surveys within a specified time period for a specific RelevantID. By using the CSO service, RelevantID is able to respond to the primary web service call with additional data on a previous complete or screen out by that respondent.

Receive raw data points collected

For clients who are interested in receiving the raw data points collected during the RelevantID digital fingerprinting process, we offer Capture. Capture can be integrated with RelevantID so that only a single web service call is needed for both services.

Customized Solution

We recognize that each business has its own unique operations and processes. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to data validation isn’t adequate to produce the results you need to ensure high-quality data output. RelevantID’s design is flexible. We’ll work closely with you to develop custom configurations exclusive to your systems and procedures.