Verity® Verity®

Powerful Fraud Prevention System Trusted By MR, Healthcare and Financial Clients

Businesses trust Verity as an effective quality control measure to ensure the accuracy of an individual’s self-reported information and to block fraudsters.

Verity helps:

  • Market research companies to identify respondents that provide false personal information in an attempt to take a survey
  • Online job sites to prevent fraudulent inquiries for posted employment opportunities
  • Medical-related websites to validate physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Alcohol and tobacco companies to verify the age of website users
  • Financial institutions to validate reported account information against known offline data sources
  • Any online business that needs to authenticate the identity of its visitors

Verity Solutions Cross-Reference Billions of Records to Reduce Fraud

Verity reduces fraud by confirming the accuracy of an individual’s self-reported data against well-known databases that specialize in consumer demographics. These databases seamlessly integrate billions of records across thousands of databases. Leveraging this information, Verity validates the accuracy of a person’s name, address and other demographics without any interruption in the user experience.

Advantages of Verity

  • Superior method for validating consumer information and preventing participation of fraudulent individuals
  • No interruption to the user experience or automated redirection of users
  • Uses multiple credible databases to validate data
  • Web service solution, does not require dedicated hardware or infrastructure
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Third-party solution establishes credibility with your customers
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How It Works

Validation Sources Include

  • Address validation and type per postal specifications
  • Bankruptcy records and historical case filings
  • Change of Address through National Change of Address file maintained by the USPS
  • Death records
  • Electronic Directory Assistance (EDA)
  • High-risk addresses
  • Property deed and tax assessor data
  • Residential telephone directory
  • and numerous others.

Clients are furnished with a unique global survey respondent ID for each validated respondent. This Verity ID, or VID™, can provide broad insight into online survey participation among other Verity clients, giving a better sense of individual survey respondent behaviors, possible fraudulence, and more.

Verity can be used during user-registration or data-validation, and can be real-time or batch-processed depending on the needs of your business.


Verity includes our proprietary, easy-to-use, six-point scoring system called V-Score. Each score enables you to determine whether it is appropriate to ACCEPT or REJECT individuals based on the degree to which self-reported demographics match third-party data.

In addition to a V-Score, Verity provides normalized data. Combined together, the V-Score and normalized data deliver the intelligence needed to make decisions on how to treat questionable or fraudulent individuals.