The Leading COPPA Compliant Solution for Parental Consent Verification

ChildGuardOnline provides a new, innovative solution for websites and mobile apps targeted toward children under the age of 13 to verify parental consent, making it easier to comply with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulations.

COPPA was implemented in 2000, with a major update in 2013, to regulate the online collection of personal information from children under the age of 13. Its primary goal is to give parents control over which information is collected from children and how that information is used.

To comply with COPPA, many online businesses use a method called email plus, which consists of obtaining parental consent via an email to the parent coupled with an additional step — a follow-up email to the parent to confirm consent. Over the years, tech-savvy kids have made the email plus method unreliable and subject to fraud. Additionally, the method imposes considerable administrative costs for the websites and mobile app providers.

Using a combination of modern, patent-pending technology and anti-fraud methodological expertise, ChildGuardOnline accurately verifies parental consent, so you can confidently comply with COPPA while saving valuable time and resources.